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At Greenstone Concrete & Asphalt Limited we aim to provide a paving service that compliments your property and suits your budget. We have over 25 years of experience in providing quality asphalt, concrete, cobble and paving services. Our valuable experience in the civil construction industry means we can offer the highest quality services to our customers.

We are proud of our high standard of integrity, reliability and craftsmanship. We are a team of friendly professionals committed to working on each project in such a way that the work is completed on time and with as little disruption as possible. So whether you’re a business owner, a contractor or a homeowner, we provide full range of services to meet your needs.

Residential paving solutions

Decorating your home is not only about dressing up the interiors, but also about decorating the external surroundings. Homeowners can have confidence in our residential paving solutions. The decorative paving solutions offered by us includes wide range of options for new walkways, patios and driveways. If you are thinking to spruce up what you already have, we have plenty of paving design ideas for a renovation job.

We offer comprehensive paving solutions in coloured concrete that will not only enhance the aesthetics and durability of your home, but can also add to the value of your property. Our goal is to provide quality residential paving services on your schedule and at a price that suits your budget, with no hidden fees.

Commercial paving solutions

When it comes to commercial paving solutions, we can offer a variety of services. Business owners can rely on us for services like construction of roads and footpaths, as well as for paving and striping of parking lots. We can also fulfill your concrete and asphalt repair and maintenance needs. Our professionals are specialised in all types of concrete and asphalt work, ranging from large commercial parking lots to individual asphalt driveways in Wellington.

We take pride in providing all these services by using only superior quality materials and our fully trained staff a are experts in earth moving, channelling, curbing and drainage. Therefore we can easily complete all your commercial paving jobs to your complete satisfaction.

Horizontal Construction

Led by skilled professionals, we are the top choice for commercial concrete and civil works in the greater Wellington region. We have established a network of reliable relationships with key players in the local industry which allows us to provide certainty of quality, cost and time to our clients in each project.

Whether it is a large concrete civil works or a drain laying job, we follow the work ethics of efficient teamwork, good communication and effective on-site supervision. This not only allows us to plan, schedule and financially manage our work in a better way, but also to complete each job within the said timeframe and budget.

At Greenstone Concrete & Asphalt Limited we always welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We are well known not only for our commitment to efficiency and for our ability to offer superior quality, but also for the speed in which we handle all concrete work and paving projects. All you need to do is contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and give you an absolutely free, no obligation quote. Visit our website,, for more details.

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Greenstone and Its Superior Asphalt and Concrete Driveways


Greenstone create superior asphalt driveways and concrete driveways, a Wellington based company and experienced concrete contractor. Rose and Dave Williams own and operate this third generation business established 28 years ago. We have a fleet of diggers and trucks, to carry out your asphalt and concreting needs whether residential or commercial.

For the past 25 years Greenstone has been the preferred concrete contractor for Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt city councils. We have a strong reputation for quality and reliability throughout the region. Visit our website to read some of our customer testimonials. Health and safety is a top priority with daily opportunities for staff to recap and raise any issues.

Greenstone are available in the Wellington region (includes Hutt Valley and Kapiti Coast) for residential and commercial work:

– asphalt, concrete, paving and cobble work
– concrete work (including colour and imprints)
– earth moving and excavations (including drainage and trenching)
– event traffic management
– asphalt and concrete driveways
– driveways and car parks (including curbs and channels)
– civil works and minor demolition
– road work sign off and consent

Residential Paving Solutions, Decorative and Coloured Concrete Driveways Wellington

When you need a new driveway or path, repair or upgrade, consider Greenstone, the concrete experts in residential paving. Choose from coloured and decorative concrete, exposed aggregate or asphalting for a durable finish and a great look. Well designed and professionally laid paths and driveways will enhance your home and increase its value.

Concrete can be coloured to compliment your homes existing decor and outdoor areas and/or stamped for decorative pattern effects. A cobblestone effect is very popular with many customers and paved driveways or paths can be designed from a wide variety of different shaped pavers.

Commercial Concrete Solutions and Asphalt Driveways Wellington

Greenstone provide a superior quality road construction and maintenance service throughout the Wellington region. We provide commercial asphalting, commercial concreting and paving for driveways, roads, paths and car parks. Whether building a new office building or upgrading an existing structure the paths and car parks will be the first impression for your clients.

Greenstone can provide you with a quality service taking care of paths, driveways, car parks, entranceways and outdoor areas. Remember too that we can provide traffic management for your commercial jobs if necessary, with our competent staff being level 1 and 2 STMS certified.

At Greenstone we pride ourselves on professional workmanship; whether the job is large or small you can be assured of a prompt solution for your needs. A hassle free process with Greenstone, a premier concrete contractor Wellington:

– you contact us for a free consult
– we visit your site and discuss your requirements
– we provide a quote for the job and an estimate of start date and expected completion
– job gets booked in upon quote acceptance
– job completed to a high standard
– you benefit from years of use from your new concrete, asphalt or paving solution

At Greenstone we believe that, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price!” For more information on our services and to contact us visit our website at

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A Guide to Finding Earthmoving and Driveways Professionals in Wellington


Wellington is the second largest urban location in terms of population in New Zealand, with statistics indicating that the city is home to some 400,000 people. It is also home to some of the best wine and beer in the world. This city has in the past been named as one of the ‘coolest’ capitals in the world by accredited magazines and tourist organisations.

Wellington boasts of intricate buildings constructed using the latest technologies, which creates for a picturesque view and feel. Those with a need to construct new buildings or renovate existing ones always need the services of earth movers in Wellington. Building owners who need the front areas of their homes to look great may also want to find a professional to create a concrete driveway for their Wellington home or office. If you are in need of any of the above services, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Always look for certified professionals

Wellington has a number of boards that keep construction professionals in check, ensuring that they do not overstep their boundaries when it comes to their work. If you are looking around, aim to engage professionals with the right documents as this is a measure of their level of expertise. Avoid people claiming expertise in concrete laying and earth moving but have no formal documents to support their claims.

Experience matters a lot

Concrete driveways take plenty work to construct and repair. They will therefore need the person carrying out the task to be experienced in whatever they are doing. Be on the lookout for a company that has been around for a long time and know their terrain.


Reputable earthmovers let their work speak for itself. They are in the market because their work is impressive enough to keep customers coming through the door. Over time, they create solid relationships with clients, which helps them get positive credit as well as referrals from word of mouth.

If you are in doubt about a particular company, simply ask around from friends and family. Chances are that someone within your circle has used a concrete driveway contractor or earthmover and will be willing to give you an honest assessment of services provided. Always steer away from people that do not seem credible or qualified enough.

Look at previous work

Earthmoving and concrete professionals have their work as a lasting testament to the type of services they provide. Look around you and take note of the works of various contractors. A good example of a local earth moving company is Wellington’s Greenstone Concrete and Asphalt Limited. Check out their portfolio of work online at

Greenstone Concrete and Asphalt Limited is one of the leading earthmoving and concrete drivewaysprofessionals in Wellington. They guarantee quick, reliable and affordable services so visit their website today for a free quote.

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Affordable Outdoor Renovations


Whether you’re planning on selling your home or just looking for ways to spruce it up for your own enjoyment, outdoor renovations can boost your home’s value and allow you to have a fully functional, aesthetically attractive home. The best thing about outdoor home renovations and updates is that you don’t have to break the bank to get results. There are many simple and cost-effective ways to give your home’s exterior a facelift and improve your home’s worth as well as its appeal. They include:

Affordable Outdoor Renovations For Your Wellington Home 

1. Renovate the driveway

Repairing your worn driveway through patching, resurfacing or replacing will enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. Concrete driveways Wellington contractors offer an extensive selection of concrete resurfacing products and solutions that you can take advantage of to transform your outdoors. Depending on your needs, there are many options for resurfacing your drive.

If you already have a concrete driveway that is either new or old, you can resurface it with a decorative or coloured concrete re-surfacing system. Decorative and coloured concrete systems come in a wide range of colours and stencil patterns and can turn your grey, dull worn-out driveway into a beautifully coloured and textured masterpiece.

But, it’s worth noting that resurfacing is more of a decorative process rather than an installation that provides an actual structural overlay. It can only be applied in a situation where the existing concrete driveway is still structurally sound.

If your driveway is extensively damaged or worn out, you may need to hire earth movers Wellington providers to completely rip it out so you can install a new one. This may be a bit costly and time-consuming.

Another option for rejuvenating your driveway is using asphalt paving. Asphalt is extremely cost-effective, durable and versatile. With this option, you can choose to resurface existing asphalt driveways, have patching done to repair specific problem areas, or have a new asphalt driveway installed.

2. Build a path

Well-designed designed paths will definitely make your home feel warm and inviting. If you already have a concrete path, consider applying a decorative concrete resurfacer to enjoy a dramatic improvement to your curb appeal. Concrete driveways Wellington contractors offer concrete and asphalt path repairs and installations, and can provide you with expert advice on garden path design, installation and repair.

3. Build a deck

Decks add great appeal with extra living space, and a charming deck acts as a magnet for home buyers. Make sure to hire earth movers Wellington experts to take care of your earthmoving and excavation needs during deck building. These professionals can also help you with acquiring a building permit and ensuring your new build meets building codes requirements.

4. Install outdoor lighting

Properly planned and installed outdoor lighting can add interest, drama and safety to your home’s exterior. Installing landscape lighting along your concrete paths should also be an integral part of your outdoor lighting plan.

5. Give your garage a facelift

A garage renovation project will enhance the look of your home while adding curb appeal to attract potential buyers and appease the neighbours. Consider repainting or replacing your old garage door with a new one to enhance the look of your home. Don’t forget to tidy up the insides, as well.

6. Update your hardware

Replacing your old, rusty entry door knobs, door locks, mailbox, light fixtures and other hardware will automatically transform the look of your home’s exterior.

7. Repair and repaint the exterior cladding

Any obvious defects, such as dirty, cracked paint or rotting cladding material can downgrade the aesthetics of your home and turn away potential buyers. So, make sure any defects on the exterior walls of your house are repaired, and look for ways to add personality with colour.

8. Upgrade the front door and windows

Installing a new front door and stylish windows will instantly boost your home’s appearance and greatly increase its resale value.

9. Renovate your entryway

The front entry is the first thing guests see when they visit your home. Consider renovations that will enhance your front entry, such as constructing a beautiful path, adding a new coat of bold paint, strategically placing attractive container plants and flowers, installing colourful tile steps, and adding decorative brackets, moldings, columns, etc.

10. Roof renewal

The roof accounts for about 40% of your home’s look from the curb, so consider roof renewal projects such as cleaning, roofing repairs or recoating to keep your house and its curb appeal looking their best.

Enhance Your Outdoor Decor With Superior Asphalt Paving And Concrete Driveways From Greenstone Concrete & Asphalt Ltd

Need professional earth movers Wellington services? Or are you looking for a concrete driveways Wellington professional? Greenstone concrete & Asphalt Ltd is a professional company specialising in all aspects of large bulk earthworks and civil works to small landscaping.

We specialise in residential and commercial tarmac driveway laying, asphalt repairs, concrete laying and repairs, earth movers Wellington hire services, and more. We have a diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment, along with experienced exposed aggregate experts, to enable us to cover all your job requirements. We are professional, reliable and would love the opportunity to quote on your job.

Contact our friendly team at Greenstone Concrete & Asphalt Ltd to make a booking!

How to Use Concrete in Your New Home Design and Build


Concrete can be used in many ways in a home building and design. It can be used to construct floors, counter tops among other areas in a home. It can be coloured to bring out different design details which will make any home outstanding. In order to achieve the best services, you need to hire the best concrete contractors. There are many contractors available, but you should go for the best after carrying out enough research.

How to use concrete in your new home design and build

Driveway home

You can make your home very attractive through installing a driveway made out of concrete. Concrete is durable hence it will enable you have a concrete driveway which will serve you for many years before you can think of any renovation. This will save you money in the long run.

Driveway culvert

A culvert will help in diverting excess water to local drainage lines in your home. You will have made the right decision after you decide to have a culvert made out of concrete. The culvert will serve its purpose very well. This is simply because it is very durable. It will resist any erosion which can be caused by the running water.

Concrete patio

You can have concrete patio decorated in different ways. This will make you enjoy great peace of mind when out relaxing. The patio can be made into different designs because concrete as a material can be made to achieve different designs. You will avoid cases where you will be forced to stick to a given design. In order to make your home stand out, always take your time and choose the best concrete contractors who understand how they can have a unique patio in place.

Concrete slab

There are different areas of your home where you will need a slab. You will have made the right decision if you will decide to go for concrete as a choice of material for your slab construction. It will make a slab which will serve its purpose very well. You will only have to hire contractors who know how to build a slap for you to be assured of great services in your slab construction.

Outdoor fireplace

If you will like to construct outdoor fireplace where you will spend time with your family members in the evenings, then you need to hire a company which has good reputation in installing quality outdoor fireplaces. Concrete can be used in any building; it is upon you to decide on what you will like to have in your home and concrete builders will piece it together.

At Greenstone Concrete & Asphalt we offer the best services when it comes to concrete constructions. You will be assured of great services after you decide to hire us for your concrete driveways in Wellington. We charge at fair rates and our turnaround time is very fast. If you are looking for the best concrete contractor in Wellington, then you need to visit our official website at We are dedicated to making your home stand out.

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